Why are your ukulele lessons so expensive?

I get it, times are hard for all of us. In my experience, people who quibble about prices don’t value what they get for the (reduced amount of) money.

I have just had an exchange with an alumnus asking me why I don’t offer the ££89.99 course for £30. I (regrettably) wrote back when I felt irked and then wondered if other people were thinking along the same lines, so I thought I’d explain my reasons for maintaining the prices (that haven’t increased since 2013), fully, here:
Firstly, included in the £89.99, you get 4 x 60-90 minute live sessions with me and the small group. That’s 4-6 hours of my time to help you directly, as you can ask me questions, or listen to questions that others in the group pose that you might not have thought about, plus you have the option to send short videos of you playing for feedback if you feel shy on the calls with others.
Secondly, included in the £89.99, you get 4 hours worth of online learning resources to show you how to practice specific skills on your own, for 15 minutes per day over the 4 weeks, so you improve as a player.
Third and finally, These courses have been developed, tried, and tested over 11 years of teaching ukulele in London. The amount you will improve over the 4-week course (if you commit to doing the practice) is equal to months of trying things out on your own.
Also, as an afterthought, I would, hand on heart, rather work with 3 people who were committed to improving their playing enough that the tiny investment of £9-11.25 per hour is worthwhile for them than 50 people who want me to work for free or for £3.75 per hour and then, in my experience, won’t have done the practice or be as committed to the learning because they don’t value mine or the other student’s time. Spending time re-explaining things to people who haven’t put the preparation time in because they don’t value learning isn’t how I want the courses to run.
Seeing my students improve and become solo performers and/or form bands makes me realise my own value and how lucky I am to be involved in this process of growth with you. If you want to develop your skills, please,
book a course

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