Prepare Yourself for our Online Ukulele Course

  1. Do you have a ukulele?
  2. Do you have a ukulele tuner?
  3. Do you have time blocked out in your diary?*
    *Book 10-20 minutes every day (set a time of day, like brushing teeth to help you build this habit) to practice. You’ll need to have spent time (ideally 5 different times on the week 1 material, prior to the week 1 class). Please download this free Practice Planner to help you.
    *Book 1 hour, once per week to attend the class (if you’ve booked for feedback), the class times are here. Book the 4 consecutive weeks from 1-4 in your calendar.
  4. Have you read all of the documentation and completed that weeks’ tutorials? Please read this and watch the video prior to doing that.
  5. If you’ve booked to get feedback, have you downloaded and tested zoom? You will need this software installed prior to the class, and to have practiced muting, unmuting, and, if you’re using a laptop, please enable original sound.

As you can see, there is work and preparation you need to do prior to joining the class with your fellow classmates. The idea of this course is to make the most impact with the time we have available. Each week, we will look at set skills using 3 (hopefully) well-known songs. If you don’t know that song, please bear with it as prior knowledge of a song is not required for you to gain that new skill, and all the skills you’ll learn can be transferred to other songs.

What if you book on Sunday and your course is on Monday? Please, take a few hours to complete the first week of your course (and the first day of the 2 free 7-day challenges, if you have time), so that you are ready to meet with me and your classmates on the zoom call.

Please note that all zoom calls are recorded and uploaded for your class to re-watch in case you need to re-visit something we covered in class.

I look forward to strumming with you soon!

Lorraine x


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