Learn To Uke is 11: Happy Birthday: Ukulele Chords & Play-Along

Happy Birthday Ukulele Chords

Learn To Uke is 11 Today. If you’re here for the strum along & chords, here are the chords:

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If you’re here because you’ve been to us in the past, and are interested in how we’re doing, here’s a long read to update you:

Learn To Uke has been my ‘baby’ and on this special day because it is 11, I am reflecting with gratitude. I am immensely grateful to every single wonderful person who has come along to Learn To Uke with me or us over the past 11 years. I (Lorraine) started it as a side gig whilst I was working full-time in my old life. I may have retrained as a teacher to do this, but I never imagined I’d be doing it full-time for 5 years, let alone 11. There have been ups and downs personally and professionally, as I’m sure you’d imagine, but I want to say thank you to each and every student. I’m grateful for every second of it. 

Here are some of the highlights in words, pictures, and video. If I missed our time here, this article is not fully expansive so please don’t think I’ve forgotten it, or that I’m not grateful. Please, drop me a line to remind me of your fondest Learn To Uke memories. 


To Uke

I’m so proud of the guys in the Ukulele Choir and have enjoyed some gigs that have made me so proud, honoured and grateful. Seeing people play and enjoy themselves is the biggest thrill and I’m really grateful


To Uke

Learn To Uke’s first adult class took place on 11 November 2009, in an upstairs room in a pub in Soho. My old life included lots of time in pubs in Soho. My ‘new’ life back then included pubs in Soho and ukuleles. Gin and uke-ing went together like a horse and carriage.

I didn’t start filming students until a brilliant one, Suzie, who’s a photographer, explained that without seeing how it works, people can’t imagine it, so show them. Here are a few examples…


To Uke


To Uke

From about 2010, there were a few years of press and attention on what the ukulele and Learn To Uke was doing, along with some fun tutorials.

A working life: Ukulele teacher | Money | The Guardian

Lorraine Bow takes a Ukul 005
Ukuleles help City workers rediscover their pluck


To Uke

Aside from Learn To Uke there were also a few fun extra curricular activities. Some ukulele gigs:


I’ve been lucky to have travelled with the ukulele. I took a low quality video on my tour around a ukulele factory and played Mele Kalikimaka on an Australian beach:


To Uke

As you can see. The ukulele, and the joy of teaching adults to play the ukulele has shaped much of my adult life. It’s still teaching me things each day, but nowadays I’m learning about teaching in a more effective way online, via video lessons. If you would still like to learn with me in a 4-week course – some are accompanied with a weekly live class to check in, ask questions, get help, and, if wanted, being kept on track – accountability. Hoping to get my housing situation settled down so I have a base to film from soon, but I’ll do what I can with what I have from here on. I’m hanging in here in this COVID lockdown world, but things have felt on a knife edge this year. I do hope that more people continue to see the value and enjoyment that can be gained from learning and playing ukulele with me and I can continue to serve you for another 11. 🙂

Zoom tache
Zoom Intermediates
Zoom Laura

“As you may know, small business owners are being stung. We don’t qualify for any meaningful government support so Learn To Uke is being subsidised with loans. The reality is that I’m now earning a quarter of what it costs to live in London (before food). This is not sustainable and I’d love Learn To Uke to still be here at the end of the pandemic. If you’ve enjoyed what we offer or if we’ve given you any skills, you are still earning, please support Learn To Uke, financially, click below for the options, if you can afford to.

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