Ukulele Lessons

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Easy steps to follow

Each stage is broken down into 2 levels so you can easily improve.

Great songs guarantee

The skills you’ll learn are transferrable so you’ll be able to play well-known songs that you enjoy.

Clear audio & video

It wouldn’t be helpful if you weren’t able to see and hear what you need to know, now, would it?

Which Ukulele Course Should I book?

The ukulele courses have 3 stages; beginners, improvers, and intermediate. Each stage has 2 levels.


if you:
  • have never picked up a uke before
  • have had a uke for ages but never seem to get round to it
  • have previously learnt a few random chords but now want to start playing properly


if you:
  • completed both Beginners courses and want to continue
  • mastered chords and strumming, plus basic picking
  • need a refresher after a long break, but think it’ll come back quickly


if you:
  • completed Beginners and Improvers
  • have played guitar before and know your chords without over-reliance on chord diagrams
  • can already play basic melodies and are confident with strumming and chord changes


if you:
  • have already completed Beginners 1 and want to continue improving
  • have an existing knowledge of basic strumming
  • already know a good selection of 1st position (open) chord


if you:

  • have already completed the previous Beginners and Improvers 1 courses
  • are comfortable with all the basic chords, picking techniques and strumming patterns
  • want to improve your picking and strumming and explore more 1st position (open) chords


if you:

  • have completed all the previous Learn to Uke courses
  • are completely comfortable with your uke, and are confident with chords, strumming and picking
  • feel ready to start improvising and really having fun with your uke

Still not sure which course is best for you? Contact me and, as the Beatles once said, We Can Work It Out.

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