Learn To Uke Pricing, Explained

I once had an exchange with a student who asked why I don’t offer my £99 course for £30. I’ll admit, the question made my skin prickle! But then I considered it and started to worry that other people may be thinking along the same lines. So, in the interests of full transparency, here is the Learn To Uke pricing structure explained:

The £99 course includes four 60- to 90-minute live sessions with me as your tutor and a small group of up to 5 other students. That’s up to 6 hours of online face-to-face tutoring, during which I encourage loads of interaction and questions. I also invite you to send short videos of your playing for feedback if you feel too shy to discuss it in the group. Also included in the price, is 4 weeks’ worth of online learning resources, for you to work through on your own before the group classes. This is far better value for money, as you have the pre-recorded resources and then can come to gain further encouragement and reinforce your learning at the live sessions.

Finally, there are the numerous hours you don’t see. Hours I spend in the background; planning lessons, giving feedback, organising groups, keeping lessons current, relevant and fun for you. That’s only the lesson hours. There’s also the whole running a business, website and all the fun and games that can provide.

Even without all those countless unseen hours, the course price is equivalent to only £11 per hour. For reference, the Musician’s Union cites a recommended rate of £35 per hour for music lessons and a quick google reveals the average cost is usually upwards of £15 per hour.

I am an experienced teacher who is passionate about bringing the joy of the ukulele to as many people as possible, and the courses are priced with that in mind. I hope this brief explanation has clarified the value-for-money that my courses represent. Not forgetting that music – as far as the student is concerned – should involve a degree of commitment. This commitment starts with a reasonably-priced investment into your personal musical journey, and the willingness to make use of all the resources I have included for you, within the course price.

If you’re serious about learning the uke and decide to commit, I would consider myself lucky to be involved in your journey with you.

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