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8 Ways to prepare and make the most of your online ukulele course!

You’ve made a commitment to yourself (and your uke) by signing up for an online course, so it’s important that you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Before you settle in to start your lessons, here are a few tips to ensure you have as few distractions as possible:

  1. The most important question is: do you have a ukulele?!
    If not, you don’t need to spend the earth on a beginner’s brand uke. Check out my blog, with handy recommendations here. The important thing is to find one you feel comfortable with – then let the magic happen!
  2. The second most important question is: do you have a ukulele tuner?
    Again, no need to spend a packet, but until you get to know how your uke sounds by ear, you really need to have a tuner in your tool-kit. More advice can be found here
  3. Block time out of your diary
    If time is tight, you need only set aside 10-20 minutes of practice time every day, but be strict with yourself. Pick a time when you are less likely to be disrupted, then stick to it rigidly. This will help you form a habit and once you’ve done that, you’re winning.
  4. Book the zoom sessions and stick to them
    Book your online classes in advance and stick to them. One hour, once a week. It will make the world of difference to your playing and guess what…you might even have fun! Learning the uke with other students is a really enjoyable motivator.
  5. Do your homework!
    Before each class, make sure you’ve read all of the documentation and completed that week’s tutorials.
  6. Get your tech sorted
    Download and test Zoom in advance. You will need this software installed prior to the class, and to have practised muting and unmuting. If you’re using a laptop, make sure you have enabled original sound.
  7. Being prepared will put you at ease
    For example, if you book your online class late, and your first session is the following day, please take a few hours to complete the first week of your course (and the first day of the two free 7-day challenges, if you have time), so that you are ready to meet with me and your classmates on the zoom call. Zoom calls are recorded and uploaded for your class to re-watch in case you need to re-visit something we covered in class. Some people may be a bit nervous at the idea of this, but being unprepared will only fuel those nerves. Do your prep aaaand relax!
  8. Ready to go!
    By following these simple tips, you will maximise your progress and get full benefit from the time you’ve booked. We will fit more in and have more fun, simple as that!

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