Ukulele Day 1…

Here’s how to get started with your ukulele. Just for today, you’ll learn about the parts, tune it up, strum, and play a few basic chords so you can play a lot of well-known songs.

If you have a clip-on tuning device, clip it onto the headstock and tune the strings to G, C, E, A.
C is the lowest note and is middle C on the piano. After that, it’s E, then G, then A. Listen to the pitch of each string to work out which is higher or lower, and listen to the video below to make sure.

When you come to strum, drag your nail down, away from you across all 4 strings, where the fretboard meets the body, so your finger doesn’t hit the body, then bring your finger pad back up across the strings towards your face.

the parts of the ukulele/ukulele anatomy:

a series of ukulele basics to get YOU going:

Ukulele Anatomy the parts

Strum with you soon!

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