Learn To Uke Welcome page


Learn To Uke Welcome page

🙏 Thank you for booking your ukulele course with Learn To Uke, and supporting this small business. I’m really grateful and I hope I don’t let you down.

🤝 Help me to help you. Make your way through the tutorials right away. Start with Week 1 tutorials now. Your first time might take up to an hour, to learn the new website and get to know your four-stringed friend. After that, schedule a time each day (or 3-4 times per week) that you can stick to and give 10-15 minutes (so the warm up chord changes/z chord rhythm practice, a verse and chorus of each song) Whether you’re coming to a live class with me to ask questions and get bonus tracks, or making your way on your own, you’ll need to have gone through the tutorials. Why not start now? Strike while the iron’s hot!

👀 Please make sure you’ve read these two:

👀 https://learntouke.com/ukulele/prepare-yourself-for-our-online-ukulele-course

👀 https://learntouke.com/ukulele/online-course/course-and-challenge-navigation

Now head to the ‘my courses’ section of the website, on the left hand side.

🙌 Well done and welcome to Learn To Uke.

Strum with you soon… exciting! 🎉

Lorraine 😊