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A message from Lorraine:

Anyone who knows me will know how much I hate being in this situation. I’m doing all I can to offer services that people want to buy.

As you may know, small business owners are being stung. In isolation, unless there is a surge in online course sales, I have no means to get out and earn enough to cover the continuing expenses. I’d love Learn To Uke to still be here at the end of this so if we have offered you any sense of skill and/or fun, you are still earning, can afford to and would like to book a course, or support Learn To Uke, then I’d be very grateful. The reality is I’m now earning a quarter of what it costs to live in London (before food). I’m sure you realise this is not sustainable. If you’ve enjoyed what we offer, you are earning a salary and can afford to, please support using the links below, book a course or spread the word.

I want to continue to offer a meaningful contribution to the ukulele community.

Lorraine Bow

Ways to support are here: = best, no commission = choose friend/family here or they take a big commission

Or you can book a course, here:

Or, free of charge to you but invaluable, you can share the link to our site with anyone you know who might want to learn a brilliant little instrument whilst they are on lockdown.