ukulele 4 chord challenge

Old 4-chord challenge

7 Lessons

This 7-day ukulele 4-chord challenge should give you some tips and tricks to get your fingers around some of the most used ukulele chord progressions. These will help you to play most of the well-known songs with ease.


  1. Neil

    Thank you very much for putting this together. I got a lot from just practising the chord changes and linking one set to many different songs. Your B Minor tips were particularly helpful going back to G – good tip!

    However I still can’t for the life of me get B flat and have been trying for over 6 months now. Fingers too damn short. Barring occasionally works but makes chord changes that much harder. Much more practice needed I suppose! Thanks again.

    1. Lorraine Bow Post author

      Hi Neil,
      Have you tried the twist that I showed in the video? Usually does the trick. If you book a course with feedback, I’ll happily help you

  2. Jay

    Hi Lorraine

    Great info on the 7 day challenge.
    I started yesterday, (4/28 @ 4:20 pm) but can’t open day 2 until 4:20 my time today (4/29). I would like start my day 2 earlier today. Can that happen?

    Thanks Jay

  3. Liane

    I’m loving the lessons, thanks you. And I can’t always easily see which notes you’re playing to make up a chord. Are their any pictures / chord tabs to go with these lessons?