Day 4 – 7-Day Ukulele 4-Chord Challenge from Beginners to Intermediate Players

To ‘complete’ this day, please, allow the video to finish playing to the last second. It should then allow you to press ‘complete’ and move forwards and backward through the course at will.

Some songs from the Ukulele Wednesdays Songbook that use this progression (or variations of it) are:
Alright, Annie’s Song, Big Yellow, Kids, C’est la Vie (in the key change), Firework, Footloose, Kids in America, Learn to Fly, Oh, Pretty Woman, The One and Only, Perfect Day, Runaway (if you swap E7 for E), Take Me Home, Country Roads, Wonderful World (if you swap E7 for E).

You can find many of these, and other ukulele songs, for free in the Ukulele Wednesdays Songbook, here: