Beginners 2 Ukulele: 4-Week, Online Course (Updated for 2021)

Conquer more chords, succeed at strumming your ukulele and play a variety of well-known songs. Move on from the basics and get help, camaraderie, and encouragement.

What’s included?

  • Video tutorials with practice guidance
  • Play-along videos
  • Song sheets with timing and strumming suggestions indicated
  • Weekly meet up or submit videos for feedback (your choice which)
  • Completion certificate

Our 4-week group advanced beginners ukulele course is a great way to pick up new skills, meet new people and have fun. It’s structured, fun, and fast-paced. With a maximum of 6 people in a class, you’ll gain the skills and get enough instructor feedback so you’ll be able to play most songs at a social ukulele jam night.

You’ll need to complete the current week’s tutorials, songs, and set some time aside each day to practice them on your own. Then, you can choose to either submit videos to get feedback on specific sections on any of that week’s songs (up to 1-minute per song), or you can join a group class (if your timezone permits) to ask questions, get help if you need it and play through the songs you’ve learned. Ideally, you’ll have started at least 4 days prior to the group class. The group class times are here. You can ‘repeat’ each class as many times as you want to for up to 6 months after you’ve booked the course – the videos remain open to you. Your classes will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to these.

In week 1 you’ll recap on the basic chords, how to strum the ukulele and then we’ll move on to play 3 new songs. In each subsequent week, you’ll learn 3 more songs, chords, and strumming patterns to build new skills on the last, so please commit to the 4-weeks and allocate time to practice so you see quick results. If you put some time in on your own ukulele in between the classes, you’ll get an awful lot out of these 4 weeks as we’ll provide you with all the resources you’ll need. All you need is yourself, a ukulele, and practice/play through that week’s songs for at least 10 mins per day between classes. Does that sound good? Then we look forward to getting you strumming!

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