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Rule of Six in Ukulele Zoom Classes?

As you know, we’ve been teaching ukulele online since March. In addition to the courses, we get together online once per week if you book

E chord

Ukulele E Chord ‘Support’

[this does not offer any real support but, hopefully, it’ll provide a welcome short break and distraction] If you’re too young, international or cool to

YouTube Ukulele Lesson Hacks

YouTube has a vast array of free ukulele lessons to Learn To Uke using videos. Admittedly, the quality varies, greatly. What if you find a

practice planner

Ukulele Practice Planner

This is intended for use within our courses, but, if you’re starting on a free 7-day strumming and/or chord challenge and the next ukulele course

how to tune a ukulele

How to tune a ukulele

The notes to tune your ukulele to are G, C, E A. The C is the lowest of them all. You can remember that by

What is a Z chord on ukulele?

A z chord is not a real thing. It is a method of making muted strings or, er, clicky noises. Z chord can be useful