About Me

About Me

I am Lorraine, a ukulele teacher with over 12 years of experience

Welcome to Learn To Uke; passionate, fun-loving, easy-going – and we want you to have a blast with your uke!
The great thing about Learn to Uke, is that there are ukulele courses in different formats – so you’ll find one to suit your lifestyle.

Like everyone in 2020, we were forced to rethink how we work, so our classes went online for the first time. It worked so well, I can’t believe we didn’t do it years ago.
Learn at your own pace, with all the support and camaraderie you need.

Easy steps to follow

Each stage is broken down into 2 levels so you can easily improve.

Great songs guarantee

The skills you’ll learn are transferrable so you’ll be able to play well-known songs that you enjoy.

Clear audio & video

It wouldn’t be helpful if you weren’t able to see and hear what you need to know, now, would it?

What my students have said about the courses

“This course works. I’ve learned more in 3-4 lessons here than I did in 10 lessons at another London course. Thank you so much!”


“Pure escapism. If you thought you could never play an instrument, think again. Don’t miss it.”


"So so good!! I cannot recommend highly enough this course for beginners. I started the course shortly before lockdown and so the course was moved to online halfway through and Lorraine has created an amazing full step by step online course with weekly live sessions which is just perfect."